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Wheel Builds

Truing, and taking care at that.


Here at TVB we take great pride in our custom wheel builds. There isn't a better, more rewarding upgrade a bike can get than a nice new set. Whatever hubs you want laced to your choice of rims, we're here for you every step of the way.

Not all dishes served the same.


The bicycle wheel is a true wonder of engineering, a perfect match of form and function. Assembling a wheel with the right equipment, proper care and focus, is a time honored tradition in bicycle mechanics. It makes us so happy to see a set of wheels we've put together getting their time on the road or trail.  

Hand built, custom wheels


We guarantee your satisfaction with our build quality, and rest assured we only recommend the most appropriate parts for your build. TVB proudly offers free truing for the lifetime of the wheel. 

 Your vision will come to fruition, and be built to last!

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