Here is a list of bicycles and their prices that we have in stock here at the TVB.  We try to keep this list as up to date as possible but call us if you don't see something you'd like or to see if we still have whats on the list.  Thanks!

Demo Bike Sale

2019 Kona Process 153 CR 27.5 L or XL - $4999 demo bike price now $3000

All the demo bikes we sell receive a complete overhaul. Any parts that are worn are replaced. The suspension is serviced as well as the suspension linkage. Our goal is to hand the bike over to you in as close to new condition as possible.

Mountain Bikes on Sale!

Transition Bikes

2019 Patrol Alloy GX size Medium in TR Racing Blue $4399 now $3519.20

Kona Bikes

27.5” Wheeled Hardtails

2019 Kona Cinder Cone S $1299 now $1099

29er Hardtails

2019 Kona Lava Dome L $749 now $635

2019 Kona Honzo DL M and XL $1999 now $1699

Full Suspension

2019 Kona Process 153 27.5 M $2999 now $2399

Kona Town Bikes

2019 Kona Dew Matte Forest Green XL $599 now $499

2019 Kona Splice L $659 now $559

2019 Kona Dew Plus Sage Green in sizes XS $699 now $599

Kona Drop Bar Bikes

2019 Kona Jake the Snake size 52cm $1699 now $1359

2019 Kona Sutra LTD size 54cm was $2199 now $1799

2019 Kona Libre size 54cm was $2999 now $2399

E-Bikes on Sale

Fuji E Bikes!

2019 Fuji Sanibel size 18 Navy Blue $1599.99 now $1199

2019 Fuji Sanibel LS size 16 Dark Silver $1599.99 now $1199

2019 Fuji E-Crosstown size 17 Pearl Black $1899.99 now $1399

2019 Fuji E-Crosstown LS sizes 15 and 17 Pearl White $1899.99 now $1399

Bikes In Stock!

Transition Bikes

Sentinel Alloy NX Gunmetal Grey Size M $3199

Sentinel Carbon GX Gunmetal Grey Size L $4999

Smuggler Carbon GX Black Powder L $4999

Ripcord in Black Chrome and Coral Blue $1699

Kona Bicycles

2020 Mountain Bikes

Full Suspension Bikes

Kona Process 134 27.5 XS $2399

Kona Process 134 29 L $2399

Kona Process 134 DL 29 L $3699

Kona Hei Hei L $2599

Hard Tail 29” Wheeled Bikes

Kona Mahuna M, L and XL $999

Kona Honzo M and L $1499

Kona Honzo DL L $2199

Kona Honzo ST M and L $2299

Hard Tail 27.5” Wheeled Bikes

Kona Lana’i Black XS, S $599

Kona Lana’i Blue XS, S $599

Kona Fire Mountain Purple XS, S and M $749

Kona Fire Mountain Blue L $749

Kona Blast S, M and L $999

Kona Cinder Cone L and XL $1299

Kids Bikes

Kona Makena 20” Wheel $399

Kona Hula 24” Wheel $449

2020 Drop Bar Bikes

Kona Rove 50cm and 52cm $849

Kona Rove DL 54cm $1099

Kona Sutra 48.5cm and 52cm $1499

Kona Rove ST 48, 52, 54 and 56cm $1599

Kona Rove NRB 50cm and 52cm $1799

Kona Swift Rove Limited Edition 56cm $3199

Libre DL 51cm $3999

2020 Town Bikes

Kona Dew Black S and M $599

Kona Dew Plus Rust Orange S, M, L and XL $699

Kona Coco XS, S and M $749