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TVB Store

TVB Bicycle Shirt
A classic TVB design on a nice and soft t-shirt. Locally printed at Riot Printing Co. just down the street!
TVB Bicycles for All Shirt
Welcome to Knoxville's favorite bike shop: TVB - Bicycles for All Y'all
Rep TVB and Knoxville's sweetest beagle, Amber, at the same time!
TVB Knoxville Tee
Knoxville's got it all: mountains, rivers, city, rural. Where else would you rather be? Where else would you prefer to represent?
TVB Starlight Tech Tee
From our neighbors in Roanoke, VA, Starlight brings us this bright and light tech tee! Perfect for days on the bike that require a little bit more stoke.
These socks from DeFeet will keep your feet looking good on and off the bike. Aireators for summer, Wooleators for winter! How perfect, we have all season socks! Purple Rain variant are Save Our Soles coolmax socks.
TVB Turtle Shirt
Turtles - they support the entire universe on their back, and lounge in Mead's Quarry without a care in the world... why shouldn't you?
TVB Weevil Jersey
From our neighbors, Weevil, over in Western North Carolina come a set of men's and women's short sleeve mountain bike jerseys!
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